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Confessions of a Hopeless Romantic

and the adventures she encounters!

26 January
I'm Just a Girl!

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21.dreamer.hopeless romantic.blonde.

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old hollywood.old movie stars.flip flops.ice cream.
chocolate.bubble baths.fireworks.pearls.diamonds.
singing in my car.driving.online shopping.swimming.
taking walks with my dog. reading. movies.

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fake people.rap.self-centered people.Harry Potter.twilight.

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the beatles.the eagles.Dean Martin.Judy Garland.
Frank Sinatra.Rosemary Clooney.Alice Faye.kelly clarkson.
michael buble.the mamas and the papas. Doris Day.
Lady Gaga. Taylor Swift. Journey. any broadway or 60s music really.

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Motion Pictures
meet me in st. louis. bells are ringing. gone with the wind. singin in the rain.
on the town. pillow talk. broadway melody of 1936. swing time. born to dance.
easter parade. the thin man. the pajama game. bathing beauty. dangerous when wet.
kiss me kate. the awful truth. showboat (51). my man godfrey. the major and the minor.
bachelor mother. breakfast at tiffany's. my fair lady. mary poppins. the band wagon. carefree.
gentlemen prefer blondes. casablanca. some like it hot.

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judy garland. ginger rogers. myrna loy. ann miller. kathryn grayson.
william powell. fred astaire. gene kelly. jeanette macdonald.
audrey hepburn. marilyn monroe. doris day. eleanor powell. jane powell.
reese witherspoon. judy holliday. esther williams. greta garbo.
alice faye. jean arthur. carole lombard. deanna durbin.

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desperate housewives. family guy. three's company.
M*A*S*H. the office. 30 rock. the mary tyler moore show.
i love lucy. the golden girls. the big bang theory.

I claimed The Major and the Minor and Camille at classic_claims!

I claimed Holly Golightly (Breakfast at Tiffanys), Kitty Foyle (Kitty Foyle), Marguerite Gautier (Camille), Nora Charles (Thin Man series), Susan Kathleen 'Su-Su' Applegate (The Major and the Minor), and Sugar Kane (Some Like it Hot) at Character_Wants!

Stamps I have gotten:

_vintagesirens think I look most like Jean Harlow!
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But they think I act like Judy Garland!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

classic_stamps think I should star in Romance movies!
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Adopting celebrities may sound silly but I adopted the following celebs!

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1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, alfred hitchcock, alice faye, american idol, angela lansbury, ann miller, ashlee simpson, audrey hepburn, auntie mame, back to the future, bewitched, breakfast at tiffany's, brigadoon, bubble baths, candles, candy, carefree, carole lombard, cary grant, casablanca, chicago the musical, chocolate, clara bow, classic hollywood, classic movies, classic television, clueless, cocktail parties, cyd charisse, deanna durbin, debbie reynolds, desperate housewives, diamonds, dogs, doris day, eleanor powell, esther williams, family guy, film history, flip flops, follow the fleet, fondue, frank sinatra, fred astaire, friends, fur coats, gene kelly, gene tierney, ginger rogers, golden age of hollywood, golden girls, golf, gone with the wind, grease, greer garson, gregory peck, greta garbo, gwen stefani, humphrey bogart, i dream of jeannie, i love lucy, ice cream, ingrid bergman, irene dunne, james dean, james stewart, jane powell, jean arthur, jeanette macdonald, jeanne crain, joan fontaine, judy garland, judy holliday, june allyson, kathryn grayson, kelly clarkson, lauren bacall, legally blonde, lena horne, marilyn monroe, mary poppins, michael buble, movie musicals, movies, musicals, myrna loy, nelson eddy, new york city, norma shearer, nyc, old movies, phantom of the opera, reading, reese witherspoon, renee zellweger, rita hayworth, rosalind russell, singin' in the rain, swimming, swing time, tcm, the band wagon, the beatles, the golden girls, the match game, the thin man, three's company, turner classic movies, vera-ellen, vintage dresses, vintage hats, vivien leigh, wallace and gromit