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5th-Jan-2007 08:01 pm(no subject)
Dear People Magazine

I just bought your Yearbook thing for 2006/2007 and I am completely disgusted that in your tribute section you DID NOT INCLUDE JUNE ALLYSON! BUT You Let Tiger Woods' dad have a section and did I not mention that Goldie Hawn's son's wedding gets a whole page when hes not even an actor! Red Buttons and Shelley Winters all got sections but not June!

Yah that made me pissed and I plan on writing a letter!

In other news nothing new! I went to UNOs for dinner it was yummy. And I did nothing today!

21 Days Till My B-day!
31st-Dec-2006 11:19 pm - Happy New Year!
Ah I'm sad 2006 is almost done! However I have been waiting for 2007 forever!

My goals this year!
Graduate from High School
Try to be less lazy
And I'll think of more later!

Yeah so my dad made me watch Rambo tonight. That was interesting. He said we need to watch the next two tomorrow. We'll see!

Happy New Year's Everybody! I feel so lame I didn't go anywhere! Oh well!

Oh Debbie Reynolds' autobiography is the best thing ever!

See you all next year!
12th-Sep-2005 05:49 pm - Friends Only...
Thought about this I decided to make my journal Friends Only... If your already on my friends list your fine! If your not leave a comment! New Friends always welcomed! If you would like to be a friend just leave a comment. All I ask is we have a couple of things in common and you FRIEND ME FIRST!

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12th-Sep-2005 04:58 pm - School
Well school was interesting! I went to 2nd block which is at Cramer and it was loud the whole time during the block and at the end the whole school including staff was there. It turns out there was a bomb threat. So we stayed there till just about lunch. Even lunch was served late. Anyway while we were at Cramer someone turned on a TV so we watched the Nanny and The Golden Girls (best freaking show ever). They didn't find anything so we went back. I really wanted to go home but Mr. O'Neil said since they didn't find anything and sent us home, this would just give more kids to write things like that! Skip more days! So I can see their point now! School was boring and now I am home and I have to finish my reading on A Farewell to Arms (in my opinion a dirty book!) LOL!
10th-Sep-2005 09:28 am - Oh What a Beautiful Morning!
Well last night Brittaney came over and we tried to make her journal cool looking! Unfortunaly we were unsuccessful. Afterwards we went to Meijers. Out of all the things she returns cereal bars? I know her mom made her do it! Then we had to get a watch fixed. When we were finshed there we through the drive-threw at McDonalds and we got a hot fudge sundae! Personally I didn't find the fudge hot but it was still good. Brittaney dropped me off and when I got home I watched the Wedding Date and it was kinda boring till the end! Anyway I went to bed and now I'm up! Today I have to Alma and see Lindsey. Afterwards I might go to Midland to see my church homies! Erica is my special hommie! Well I have to go! Toodles!
9th-Sep-2005 05:40 pm(no subject)
Name twenty random facts about yourself, then tag others.

1. Ok I love cottage cheese! I find it very yummy!
2. Right now I have bad pizza breath.
3. Today when I got a pop at lunch, I put in my dollar and I got two! I swear I'm telling the truth!
4. I drive a yellow mustang! (Shawn and I decided that since his yellow mustang is darker, he has the HIS version, and since mine is lighter, mine is the HERS version. We got a HIS and HERS mustang thing going on! LOL)
5. I am broke since I bought the Thin Man Collection, Astaire and Rogers Box Set and I just got my iTunes bill!
6. I am 16 going on 17!
7. Madonna is from my hometown! I still can't stand her!
8. I can't stand fake people!
9. When I grow up I'll like to live either in NYC or the south or maybe up north in Michigan.
10. I want to go to Los Angeles and go to Grauman's Chinese Theatre and try to find a celebrity with my hand size! I have really small hands!
11. I want a pet penguin when I grow up and I'm going to name it Sherbert!
12. I like the disney princesses! I think my inner princess is Cinderella!
13. I can't stand Nicole Kidman
14. I just love Family Guy!
15. I think Three's Company is the best show ever!
16. I adore the Golden Girls
17. I still watch Mary Poppins! It's partically perfect in everyway!
18. I want to be just like Auntie Mame when I grow up!
19. Gone with the Wind is my life in a movie! Oh Ashley.....
20. I still like to color!

Now I get to tag! Hmm I tag devil_blonde89, l0veobessionxo, and rubberducky1467!
8th-Sep-2005 03:54 pm - Today!
Today was really boring! Anyway the only highlight of my day was finally driving to school and back in my mustang!! My mom followed me to make sure I got there ok! I was fine actually I parked really great too! School was boring! I went to drawing and we drew a still life! Today was picture day and me and Liz come back from Cramer (where our drawing class was) and they annouce the sophmores to come! I'm ok anyway Amanda comes down the hall and I asked her if they took pictures and she said yeah their on the sophmores! I'm like great why do they always never tell us these things down there! Anyway so me and Liz go and get our picutres taken and it takes forever in line. We were late for our next class but luckly Mrs. Meyer understood the problem so she let me get away without the tardy! Lunch was boring, Geometry was way more boring. Seminars don't help either so luckly I got through the day and I got to ride my mustang home! I serlously had no trouble getting out. When I got to the stop sign Lindsey was there and she like Look at you in your mustang! I'm like I know, now get out of my way so I can see if I can go or not! Anyway I left and went home I feel like a real blonde in that thing! Woo hoo how fun it is to drive!
6th-Sep-2005 07:32 pm - Heck ya!
Oh yeah look who passed her road test! ME!!! I'm the newest driver in Michigan baby! Yeah! Ok the lady was really grouchy I am surpised I passed! Really I did so many things wrong! Like my parallel parking which she actually let me do again! Perfect the second time around! Anyway I am sooo happy! I'm just going to enjoy myself for the rest of the night! It's Greta Garbo night on TCM WOO HOO! Man that lady was grouchy! Anyway I am soooo happy! There is a god!
5th-Sep-2005 08:22 pm - I think I can, I think I can!
Right now I feel like the little enjine that could! I think I can, I think I can! I can pass my driver's test, I can pass my driver's test! Everybody pray or do something! Cross your fingers! I need all the luck I can get! At least I don't drive like Cher in Clueless!
5th-Sep-2005 02:27 pm - Just a Random thought!
OK it really sucks but all my lj friends seem to have friends who they can watch classic movies with! I totally wished my friends had some taste or wish they were a little more open to new and diffrent things! No offensive (you know who you are)! I hate the "its in black and white excuse" I mean come on, grow up! There's a whole new world just waiting for you! Anyway I just had to get that out! Man I have a bad feeling I'm going to fail my driver's test! Everybody pray or do something! I need all the luck I can get! Right now I need to to do my anatomy hw! Toodles!
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